When you finalize an appointment with Another Tattoo, we will collect a non-refundable deposit from the full cost of your tattoo. This deposit will depend on the artist, size and complexity of the tattoo.

We would like to note that your deposit may be forfeited in the event of no-shows, cancellations or other reschedules without sufficient notice (minimum 3 days in advance). In the event that the deposit has been forfeited due to the cancellations or other unacceptable reasons a new deposit for the rescheduled appointment will be needed.

Please note that we have the right to withhold a deposit for any customers, up to one year, on inexcusable cases. Please contact us for any assistance or further clarifications you may need.



  Although uncommon, in some cases we may require an additional amount for consultations and design drawings. This is an additional charge from the Tattoo and Deposit Fees and it will not be deducted when you pay for the tattoo.

Important: This additional fee also doesn’t give you permission to the drawing. All rights are reserved for the artist.



If you desire to change the design idea, the original deposit will be forfeited and used as a payment for the time and effort that was spent on the original design idea by the artist. To continue working, we will ask for a new deposit on the new design idea. This new deposit will be deducted from the final cost.



If you need to reschedule your appointment, please be sure to give us at least 2-3 days (or 48 or 72 hours) notice in advance from the appointment time. We do accept rescheduling, up to 2 times. In the event of late notice or multiple reschedules (more than 3), the artist may withhold your deposit and request another deposit prior to booking a new appointment.



 There is no refund at Another Tattoo



For us, the cycle with you only really ends when the tattoo has healed. After you have left the studio with the new tattoo, you'll be asked to let us know if there are any problems with the tattoo for up to 2 months. If necessary any tattoo inspections or corrections are needed, they are free of charge during this time. In the event that you are unable to schedule an appointment or reach out to Another Tattoo about any issues, within the allotted 2 months time, it is your sole responsibility to reach out to a member of Another Tattoo.


After the allotted time has expired, it is your responsibility to take care of your tattoo. We will charge a fee in case you want to fix and/or upgrade the tattoo.